FIT-OUT is a set of services for design, construction, decoration and engineering equipment of interior of commercial properties. In the context of FIT-OUT projects PRIDEX provides services of the Design & Build format, i.e. the Company carries out on its own all phases from design to substantial completion and also acts as a general contractor for construction of office interiors according to already developed designs.


    Refurbishment is a set of studies on resources of an already-existing building, development of a new project concept and implementation of design, construction and engineering support for office interior. Such projects are often delivered in functioning business centers.


    Turn-Key is a set of comprehensive studies on the Customers requirements to office interior design and engineering equipment, development of a clear understanding of possibilities of an existing building, making decisions about refurbishment of an existing office or search for a new premises with participation of leading brokerage firms, project development and turnkey construction of office interior, according to the Customers specific nature.


    Reconstruction of detached buildings is a set of activities for dismantling of internal structures and outdated utility lines, replacing roofs and facades, providing the building with new basic engineering systems, development of new space-planning decisions, construction and decoration of interiors as well as engineering equipment of office interiors.

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