PRIDEX, being a full-service company, has manifold possibilities and its own technical facilities which allow us to successfully implement projects of any complexity, maintaining at the same time a high speed of construction.

PRIDEX has unique experience in working with virtually all specialized organizations represented in Moscow and Moscow region, including management companies, architect bureaus, as well as suppliers of materials, engineering equipment, and furniture.

PRIDEX strives to be one step ahead of the market studying and implementing new technologies, investing in staff training and thereby offering its customers only the best solutions.

Absolute transparency in relationship with the Customer is one of the key principles of PRIDEX. We provide complete project performance information in a maximum accessible and usable form.

PRIDEX possesses its own know-how enabling to optimize construction procedures and reduce significantly project timeframe and delivery with consistent high quality and within budget.

PRIDEX is a responsible company existing under the applicable Russian and international standards of safety and labor and environmental protection.

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